Under The Influence with R7

Under The Influence represents the current favorite progressive tracks selected by US-based R7’s Brandon Scott and Elizabeth Thompson. The show airs every Friday on Digitally Imported Mainstage.

Episode 098

August 15th, 2014
00:30 Yohann Mills, Freedah Soul – Inseparable (Rubicon 7 Remix) [Clubstream]
03:57 Tom Enzy – That’s How We Groove [Big Alliance]
08:18 Dualive – Slam [Vous]
12:12 Ale Mora, John Dish – Flamme [Smash The House]
16:51 Julian Jordan – Up In This! [DOORN]
20:50 Sasha Plus – Little Big Adventure [FREE DL]
25:17 Caissa – No Rules (Vs1 Remix) [Pyramid]
28:44 Revolvr – Synthphony [Glo]
33:40 Apollo (USA) – Rock It [Digital Empire]
38:08 Dansson, Marlon Hoffstadt – Shake That [FFRR]
42:30 Shwann – Claymore [FREE DL]
47:25 The Killer Dolls – On My Way [Bonerizing]
51:32 Dyro – Wolv [WOLV]
55:20 Zomboy Ft. Rykka – Delirium [Never Say Die]

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