Under The Influence with R7

Under The Influence represents the current favorite progressive tracks selected by US-based R7’s Brandon Scott and Elizabeth Thompson. The show airs every Friday on Digitally Imported Mainstage.

Episode 232

May 5th, 2017

00:30 Florian Picasso, Raiden - Hanabi [Protocol]
03:38 Promise Land, Dannic - House It (For The Love Of) [Fonk]
08:02 Sebjak, Will K - Kumasi [NoFace]
11:28 Chrizz Luvly - Chalice California [Dirty House Army]
15:43 Oculus - Who We Are [Be Rich]
20:29 Dillon Francis - Say Less ft G-Eazy (Sports Instrumental Version) [IDGAFOS]
23:36 Slumberjack - Take Me ft KLP [Mad Decent]
27:19 Desusino Boys, Larissa Jay - Rememberings (Synthwave Version) [Clubstream Blue]
33:19 Kronic - Rendezvous ft Leon Thomas (Tom Budin Remix) [Sup Girl]
36:57 Dirtyloud - Heartbeat (Original Club Mix) [Vicious]
40:15 Nari & Milani - I Am Alright ft Tava [Doorn]
45:04 D-Wayne, Robert Falcon - Think Of Me [Wall]
48:12 Andy Sherman - Swagga [Confession]
51:43 Akula Kool - The Boogeyman Is Coming [Bug Eyed]
57:07 Dua Lipa - Lost In Your Light ft Miguel [Warner]

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