Under The Influence with R7

Under The Influence represents the current favorite progressive tracks selected by US-based R7’s Brandon Scott and Elizabeth Thompson. The show airs every Friday on Digitally Imported Mainstage.

Episode 234

June 2nd, 2017

00:30 Feed Me - Beans Baxter [mau5trap]
05:34 W&W - Put EM Up [Armada]
09:17 Zumii - Believe [Bourne]
12:24 Bingo Players, Oomloud - Tic Toc [Hysteria]
15:26 FVNS33KA - T3NZ [Brooklyn Fire]
20:23 Noah Neiman, Jay Bombay - Long Way Home (LoaX Remix) [Enhanced]
23:53 Breathe Carolina, Riggi & Piros - Sleepless [Spinnin]
26:47 Jolyon Petch & Mind Electric - Only You ft. Kings (Club Mix) [Vicious]
30:38 Matt Nash - From Here [Armada Trice]
34:56 Tom Swoon, Maximals - Helter Skelter [Maxximize]
38:13 Shanahan - Refuse ft Max Landry (Radiology VIP Mix) [Revealed]
41:47 Rave Radio - Rock It ft Joe Kosky (WasteLand Remix) [Vicious]
45:06 David Puentez, Bonka - Like This [Catch]
48:38 Loopers, Goja - Back To The Future [WOLV]
50:46 Oculus - Who We Are [Be Rich]
54:30 Stacey Smash - Rage [Bonerizing]
57:54 Robin Schulz - OK ft James Blunt [Atlantic]

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